Public Works Department

Lee Webster Public Works Director
Lee Webster Public Works Director

Please call for email address.

The Public Works Director oversees the department, whose responsibilities include:

facility maintenance, water, streets, wastewater services, equipment services,
Locust Grove Cemetery, Columbia Cove Community Center, the swimming pool, and Anderson Field Airport.

The following documents are available for a nominal charge.

Contact Us to request more information on how to purchase:

  • Capital Facilities Plan
  • Comprehensive Flood Control Management Plan
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Park and Recreation Plan
  • Shoreline Master Plan
  • Zoning Map
  • Public Works Maps

Small Public Works Roster

As of 2008, the City of Brewster transitioned our Small Public Works Roster to the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Rosters shared online database. To be eligible to work on small public works projects with the City of Brewster, please register your company with MRSC Rosters.

The City of Brewster will no longer maintain Small Works and Consultant rosters separate from those provided by MRSC.

Aerial Pictures of Brewster

Photos by JD Smith
Click on picture to view fullsize

Mailing/Physical Address

City of Brewster
P.O. Box 340
105 South 3rd Street
Brewster, WA 98812


(509) 689-3705

Swimming Pool

Pool is CLOSED for winter.

Questions? Contact:

Swim Pool: (509) 689-6689 or
City Hall: (509) 689-3464

Manager: Nicole Smith
Phone: (509) 429-3942

Swim Lessons: Nicole Smith
Phone: (509) 429-3942

ATTENTION: You must be at least 48" tall to play on the large water slide (picture above). If you are under that height we also have a slide that is just your size!!


1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Open Swim
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Adult Swim (NO family swim)
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM Open Swim
Saturdays and Sundays – Swim Team/Private Parties/Programs

Schedules/Times subject to change, please call us to verify.

Children must be at least 5 years of age for swimming lessons. If your child is younger please consider the Mom & Tots session. See below for fees.

For more information about swimming lessons please call the Swimming Pool (689-6689) or City Hall (689-3464)


Questions? Call 689‑6689 (Pool), 689‑3464 (City Hall) or 429-3942 Nicole Smith

Swimmers (5 yrs and older)
Times to be determined
Session #1, NA
Session #2, NA
Preschool (4 yrs/3 yrs)
4 yrs 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
3 yrs 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Mom/Dad/Tot (2 yrs and under)
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM


Daily General Admission
Admission for ALL Ages $3.00
Pool Passes
Season Pass – Individual – Inside City Limits $60.00
Season Pass – Individual – Outside City Limits $70.00
Swim Lessons - Weekly Rate
Lessons – Inside City Limits – W/ Season Pass $29.00
Lessons – Inside City Limits – No Season Pass $34.50
Lessons – Outside City Limits – W/ Season Pass $42.50
Lessons – Outside City Limits – No Season Pass $50.50
Private Pool Rental
Private Rental – Per One Hour $154.00

Pool Status

The Brewster Swimming Pool will CLOSE, August 26th  for the 2022 season.

Phone: (509) 689-6689
(off-season this number is not active)
or Call City Hall
Phone: (509) 689-3464

City Parks

The City of Brewster is very proud of its parks system.
Brewster boasts waterfront parks with docks and a boat launch, RV park, gazebos,
several sports fields, a community center, and public pool.

Park Usage Fees
Effective January 1, 2023
Park Usage – League – Adult $652.00
Park Usage – League – Youth (can do in-kind for fees) $431.00
Park Usage – Tournament $215.00
Dance – Commercial $1,205.00
Dance – Private $547.00
Special Events $302.00
Brewster's park gazebos can be reserved for special occasions at a nominal fee (see below). Reservations ensure that you get the gazebo on the day(s) you want, otherwise, it is available to anyone who arrives first. Phone or email us for availability and reservations.
Gazebo Reservation $112.00

Phone: (509) 689-3464
Fax: (509) 689-3705

T-33A Aircraft, Legion Park
T-33A Aircraft, Legion Park
View from Legion Park
View from Legion Park
Columbia Cove Park
Columbia Cove Park

Locust Grove Cemetery

Locust Grove Cemetery Rates and Fees
Effective January 1, 2023
Cemetery Lots (6 ft. x 10 ft. – Centered) $486.00
Cremation Lots $160.00
Opening and Closing – Standard Lot $486.00
Opening and Closing – Cremation Lot $184.00
Opening and Closing – Full Burial – Weekend Service $1,222.00
Opening and Closing – Cremation – Weekend Service $465.00
Perpetual Care – Standard Lot $732.00
Perpetual Care – Cremation Lot $213.00
Exhumation for Standard Lot $1,222.00
Exhumation for Cremation $348.00
Headstone Setting Fee $246.00
Veteran Headstones – No setting fees because of their service to our country.
Headstone Removal $203.00
Flower Vase Setting Fee (Includes Vase) $92.00
Overtime charges (per hour) for services concluding after 12 noon. $150.00

Community Center

Columbia Cove Recreation Center (left) and Swimming Pool (right)
Columbia Cove Recreation Center (left) and Swimming Pool (right)

"A Community United"

Committed to promoting community fellowship by providing a safe, positive, and supervised environment to gather regardless of race, creed, or color.

In 1990, Jerald Aldridge came to work for the City of Brewster as Park Manager. In 1991, Jerald presented an idea to the City Council to open a Recreation Center for the City's youth. The first Recreation Center was a one-room building approximately 3,000 square feet previously used for storage. Jerald and a handful of volunteers turned that building into a safe and comfortable place for the kids of Brewster to come to play, study, and sometimes just have a place to be. After a few years and several hundred members, the Recreation Center became too small. Jerald had bigger dreams, which included a larger facility to house all the kids in Brewster that wished to be a member. Thanks to a Community Development Block Grant and a lot of hard work on the part of Jerald and several other City staff members and volunteers, construction began on a new Community Center. The Community Center boasts a whopping 12,000 square feet which includes a gym, game room, computer lab, full kitchen facilities, and houses Okanogan County Headstart. We now have a center that provides services to all citizens of Brewster. Where the kids can still come and play games, use the gym, use computers, or study. A place to hold a meeting, large or small. A place to hold a wedding reception, a dance, a baptism, a bazaar, or a quinceañera.

Rental and Usage Fees Effective January 1, 2023

Security Deposit for Event Rental, Gym – Security Deposit
(Security Deposit Is Refunded After Inspection and Return of Key)
Security Deposit – Event $733.00
Gym Rental
Event Fee $679.00
Public Dance + $500 Insurance Policy $2,004.00
Security (1 Officer + 2 Security) $558.00
Churches (Special Request)
Social Services Youth – Nonprofits During Working Hours
Kitchen Rental Add to Deposit and Rental Fees $146.00
Extra Day to Setup/Decorate $133.00
Extra Day to Cleanup $133.00
Hourly Rental Fees
Gym $110.00
Kitchen $82.00
Community Room
City Resident – Per Hour $34.00
Non-City Resident – Per Hour $59.00
Staff Set-up/Clean-up Fee – Per Hour $43.00

Contact Community Center

For information or to schedule use of the Recreation Center, please call:
Boys and Girls Club of America: (509) 689-1192

Anderson Field Airport

Anderson Field Airport is located 1.5 miles northeast of Brewster on U.S. 97.

2023 Airport Rates and Fees
Lot Lease (Aviation Related) – Per Square Foot $0 .160
Lot Lease (Non-Aviation Related) – Per Square Foot $0 .222
Tie Down Permit – Yearly $220.00
Tie Down Permit (Daily) (Over 30 Mins) $5.00
Legal Prep. and Admin Fees (One-Time) $1,476.00
Approach to Anderson Field Airport, Brewster, WA
Approach to Anderson Field Airport, Brewster, WA

Airport Stats

Anderson Field Airport is generally oriented east/west. It has a single, 4,000' by 60' runway with magnetic headings of 7 and 25. A single, 35' wide taxiway positioned perpendicular to the runway provides access to the 150' by 325' aircraft parking apron which contains 12 aircraft parking spaces. A fixed base operator's facility is located at the south edge of the parking apron. Seven private aircraft hangars and an agricultural aircraft spraying facility are located east of the parking apron. Anderson Field Airport is unusually long and wide compared to most general aviation airports in Washington Also it has a very clear approach and departure paths and side-to-side clearances.
These physical features, combined with growth in the Brewster area,
suggest that continued capital investment in the airport will be well justified.

FAA Location ID S97
Runway Length 4,000' – paved
Runway Width 60'
Taxiway Perpendicular connector from runway to aircraft apron
Surface Bituminous Surface Treatment (BST)
Visual Aids Two windsocks, rotating beacon
Lights Runway edge and runway threshold – medium intensity
Runway Orientation 7/25 magnetic
Elevation 914'
Latitude 48 degrees 06' 29" N
Longitude 119 degrees 43' 24" W
Structures Hangars south and east of aircraft parking ramp
Pavement Condition Rating PCN: 10 F/B/Z/T
Courtesy Car - Not Available

Brewster City Hall
Phone: (509) 689-3464
Fax: (509) 689-3705

City Projects, Photo & Video Gallery

Well House Project

Old Well House Images (1960s)

Old Well House_1_255x191
Old Well House_11_255x340
Old Well House_18_255x191

New Well House Images (2021)

New Well House_2_255x191
New Well House_5_255x340
New Well House_7_255x191

Reservoir Project

Time-Lapse Videos of the 3.7 Million Dollar Project


This is a “fog seal” of Indian and First Street. The fog seal will add life to the chip seal we had done last year. This was done with Transportation Improvement Board dollars, at a cost of $0 to the City.

Indian Avenue and 1st Street Chip Seal Project – 2016


Indian Ave Project_before_250x333
Indian Ave Project_before_250x333_2
Indian Ave Project_before_250x333_3


Indian Ave Project_after_250x333
Indian Ave Project_after_250x333_2
Indian Ave Project_after_250x333_3

New 2017 Locust Grove Cemetery Sign

Locust Grove Cemetery Sign_2017_2_250x333

Mailing/Physical Address

City of Brewster
P.O. Box 340
105 South 3rd Street
Brewster, WA 98812

Phone: (509) 689-3464
Fax: (509) 689-3705