Anderson Field Airport

Approach to Anderson Field Airport, Brewster, WA
Anderson Field Airport is located 1.5 miles northeast of Brewster on U.S. 97.

2023 Airport Rates and Fees
Lot Lease (Aviation Related) – Per Square Foot $0 .160
Lot Lease (Non-Aviation Related) – Per Square Foot $0 .222
Tie Down Permit – Yearly $220.00
Tie Down Permit (Daily) (Over 30 Mins) $5.00
Legal Prep. and Admin Fees (One-Time) $1,476.00

Airport StatsAnderson Field Airport is generally oriented east/west. It has a single, 4,000' by 60' runway with magnetic headings of 7 and 25. A single, 35' wide taxiway positioned perpendicular to the runway provides access to the 150' by 325' aircraft parking apron which contains 12 aircraft parking spaces. A fixed base operator's facility is located at the south edge of the parking apron. Seven private aircraft hangars and an agricultural aircraft spraying facility are located east of the parking apron. Anderson Field Airport is unusually long and wide compared to most general aviation airports in Washington Also it has a very clear approach and departure paths and side-to-side clearances.
These physical features, combined with growth in the Brewster area,
suggest that continued capital investment in the airport will be well justified.

FAA Location ID S97
Runway Length 4,000' – paved
Runway Width 60'
Taxiway Perpendicular connector from runway to aircraft apron
Surface Bituminous Surface Treatment (BST)
Visual Aids Two windsocks, rotating beacon
Lights Runway edge and runway threshold – medium intensity
Runway Orientation 7/25 magnetic
Elevation 914'
Latitude 48 degrees 06' 29" N
Longitude 119 degrees 43' 24" W
Structures Hangars south and east of aircraft parking ramp
Pavement Condition Rating PCN: 10 F/B/Z/T
Courtesy Car - Not Available

CONTACT USBrewster City Hall
Phone: (509) 689-3464
Fax: (509) 689-3705