Licenses & Permits

Persons residing within or conducting business within the City limits of Brewster are required to obtain Itinerant Vendor, Mobile Vendor, Business License, Dog License and Public Events Application, as applicable.

Public Event ApplicationPublic Events Application (pdf) – A Public Events Application is required if your event includes but not limited to one or more of the following: Open to the public; requires any portion of a City street or right-of-way to be closed; needs traffic control barriers.

Yard Sale Permit (Limited to 3 per year per address) $15.00
Burning Permit (Valid Jan. 1st thru Dec. 31st except during burning ban period) $35.00

Dog Licenses
Spayed or Neutered Dog $24.00
Non-Spayed or Neutered Dog $40.00

Dog Impound and Daily Fee
Dog Impound $40.00
Daily Housing Fee $5.00

Business LicenseAll NEW businesses in the city of Brewster are REQUIRED to have a Business License. The City of Brewster as of January 30th, 2020 has changed over to a new system, all Business Licenses will go through the State of Washington website. To apply/register, please click on the following link

Please call City Hall if you have questions. Phone: (509) 689-3464

Business Licenses Annual Fees for 2023

1 to 3 Employees $89.00
4 to 7 Employees $177.00
8 to 20 Employees $355.00
21 to 39 Employees $525.00
40+ Employees $565.00

Itinerant Vendor
Stationary Vendor – Annual Application Fee (Includes fee for criminal report) $309.00
Stationary Vendor – Monthly Fee $143.00
Mobile Vendor – Annual Application Fee (Includes fee for criminal report) $309.00
Mobile Vendor – Monthly Fee $101.00