1.         Ownership Rights of Interment

The terms “Lot Owner” or “Ownership” shall be construed to mean the right to use a lot or part of lot, as purchased from the City for a consideration, for burial purposes only and under the existing or subsequent rules and regulations as prescribed by the City for such use.

Upon full payment of the purchase price of a lot, the City will issue a Cemetery deed under its seal, and the deed will be recorded in the records of the City as evidence of ownership of the lot.  All lots are exempt from taxation and cannot be seized for debt, (except those owed to the cemetery), nor can they be mortgaged.

The City shall have the right to assume at all times that the lot owner acquired a lot for the interment of the owner and members of the owner’s family.  The surviving spouse of the lot owner shall have the first right to interment or to direct the right of interment.

All burial rights in cemetery lots purchased from the City occupy the same position as real estate at the death of the owner.  Only such persons as names appear on the Cemetery records of the City will be recognized as owners or part owners of lots.  In case of the death of a lot owner, when the cemetery lot is disposed of by will, a certified copy of the will must be delivered to the City Clerk before the City will recognize the change in ownership.  If the deceased lot owner left no will, a certified copy of the proof of heirship or executorship made in the District Court, or as designated by the executor of the estate, must be presented.  Lot owners in making their wills should include the cemetery lot and will it to one person.

Under certain restrictions the City will establish a payment plan for a cemetery lot to those desiring to make a partial payment at the time of purchase and final payment at a later date.  Such plan reserves to the City the right to resell the lot upon failure to make final payment for the lots as specified in the payment plan.  No interment will be allowed in any lot that has not been paid in full.

The title to a cemetery lot invests in the owner the right to use such lot for burial purposes only, for themselves, their heirs, or for any such person as they may choose to admit.  Lots may be sold to a third party; however, no transfer in ownership will be recognized until a notarized statement annotating the details of the sale is filed with the City Clerk.

If you wish to guarantee space for other family members, adjoining lots must be purchased at the same time.  When a lot is purchased, the City does not “save space” so that family members can be buried in the same block or area.

2.         Space Care

The City shall be responsible for the general maintenance of the Locust Grove Cemetery, including its overall appearance and condition.  General maintenance shall include annual spring and fall clean-ups, periodic cutting of grass and raking of leaves.   General maintenance shall apply to all spaces and graves, including the trimming of trees and shrubs.


3.         Decoration and Landscaping

Copings, fences, curbs, benches, steps and structures of wood are prohibited.

No elevated mounds shall be built over graves and no space shall be filled above the grade established by the City.

The use of glass jars or bottles as receptacles for cut flowers is prohibited.  These items will be removed by the City without notice.

Winter decorations may be maintained on graves until March 1st.  If such decorations are not removed by March 15th, they shall be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the Locust Grove Cemetery.

Memorial decorations must be removed no later than 7 days after the day of observance, or they shall be considered abandoned and disposed of by the Locust Grove Cemetery.

Planting of trees shall be allowed only by permission of the Public Works Director.  The planting of hedges is prohibited.

The City will remove all flowers, trees or shrubs which become unsightly or dangerous.

The City reserves the right to amend or change rules and regulations to conform to newly developed cemetery practice.


4.         Rules for Visitors

The Locust Grove Cemetery will be open to visitors between the hours of 8 a.m. and sunset. 

Picnics and other food items are prohibited.

Firearms are allowed in the Cemetery only for military funerals.

Motorcycles, snowmobiles and horses are not allowed in the Cemetery.

Visitors are required to use the drives and are forbidden to trespass on cemetery lots, or pick any flowers (either wild or cultivated), or injure any shrub, tree or plant, or mar or deface any monument, stone or structure in the Cemetery.

Vehicles traveling within the Cemetery shall proceed at a speed not to exceed 15 miles per hour.


5.         Interments

All interments shall be made in a concrete outer container.

All graves shall be dug by the City under direction of the Public Works Director.  Depth of graves shall conform to State regulations.

A charge for opening and closing a grave will be made at the current rate set by the City, which charge shall be paid in advance of interment, and include opening of the grave, removal of excess material, refilling and sodding.

No burial will be permitted until a legal burial permit has been presented to the Public Works Director.  The interment of the bodies of persons who have died of contagious diseases shall be in strict accordance with the rules of the State Board of Health.

The Public Works Director shall be given three business days’ notice in the summer, and four business days’ notice in the winter or for weekend interments, for the opening and closing of graves.  All interment dates are subject to approval by the Public Works Director.

The interment of three cremation urns or one full casket plus two cremation urns is allowed per standard grave.  Cremation lots are also available.  Interment is limited to human remains only.


6.         Multiple Interments in the Same Lot

The City will permit additional interments in one lot at the request of the owner, the owner’s surviving spouse, or other person designated on the deed at the time of lot purchase only.  If all persons listed as having authority to designate placement on the deed are deceased, no further placements are allowed on the lot.


7.         Removals

Removal of bodies from graves in the Cemetery will only be made by the City in accordance with the requirements of the statutes of the State and the rules of the StateBoard of Health.  Charges made by the City for removal will be charged at the current rate and are payable in advance.

Lot owners or their heirs desiring graves opened shall secure the necessary disinterment permit from the State and shall deliver the same to the Public Works Director.  All removals will be made by the City under the supervision of a licensed embalmer.

For sanitary reasons, graves will not be reopened for inspection except for official investigation.


8.         Grave Markers

All grave markers placed in the Locust Grove Cemetery must meet the following qualifications:

a.         Markers must be flush to the ground.  The only exception is a temporary marker, placed for a period of no more than 45 days or until placement of the permanent marker can be made.
b.         Markers must be set in a concrete or granite border.
c.         Up to 3 grave markers are allowed per standard size lot; 1 marker is allowed on a cremation lot.
d.         There is no minimum size for a grave marker; however, markers shall not exceed the size of the lot.


9.         Fees, Charges and Payments

The payment of all fees and charges are payable in advance and shall be made to the City Clerk’s office.  A schedule of fees and charges is published by the City Clerk’s office.

Purchase of lots in all cases shall include a charge for perpetual care at least equal to the minimum amount allowed by Washington State law.  Lot owners or others may voluntarily increase endowments through additional contributions or bequests.

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